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The Correctional Education Association - Wisconsin (CEA-W) founded in 1984, is a non-profit, professional education association. Correctional education sites in Wisconsin include: jails, juvenile detention centers, juvenile and adult state institutions and a federal prison.

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Call for Presentations

CEA International Leadership Forum March 18-20, 2018



The Wisconsin Chapter of CEA will be hosting the 2018 CEA International Leadership Forum March 18-20, 2018. A wide variety of workshops will be needed to make this conference an excellent professional development opportunity. This is your opportunity to share information about your program or services with correctional professionals from around the world!

Sessions will last 75 minutes. You are responsible for providing all materials and handouts needed for your session. Due to hardware/software incompatibilities, you must provide a computer, if needed, for your presentation. We will provide screens, LCD projectors, flipcharts and markers.


This year, all proposal submissions will be done electronically. Go to www.ceanational.org to access the Call for Papers form. Address all inquiries and send the completed form, along with a short one-paragraph biography of each presenter, to Emily Propson at Emily.Propson@dhs.wisconsin.gov. You will be notified by January 31, 2018, if your presentation is selected.


Deadline for proposal submission: December 1, 2017

Madison WI Map , Madison Wisonsin, Madison WI Art, Madison Map - Wood Block Art Print

All roads lead to Madison for the
2018 CEA International Leadership Forum
Madison, WI
March 18-20, 2018





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