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The Correctional Education Association - Wisconsin (CEA-W) founded in 1984, is a non-profit, professional education association. Correctional education sites in Wisconsin include: jails, juvenile detention centers, juvenile and adult state institutions and a federal prison.

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 If you are a CEA member and interested in running for a Region 3 position, please complete the nomination ballot application and mail it to Jeanette Woodruff Training and Education Center P.O. Box 779 London, Ohio 43103 (must be post marked by February 10, 2017). New this year you also have the option of completing the nomination ballet application and emailing it to Jeanette.Woodruff@odrc.state.oh.us by February 10, 2017 at midnight.

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General Session speaker Alisa Smedley also presented two workshops: “Retention – Creating ‘Stickiness’ in Your Reentry Program” and “Fitness for Reentry Professionals”

CEA-W Teacher of the Year Jim Svitavsky with DOC Secretary Jon Litscher
CEA-W Teacher of the Year Jim Svitavsky with CEA-W President Laura Reisinger

Mike Breszee, CEA-W’s first Teacher of the Year and former President and Peggy Meyers, former CEA-W President and current National CEA President-Elect

Margaret Carpenter presents a workshop: “Faculty Quality Assurance System” with Chuck Brendel
Judy Walborn, Pamela Lincoln, Pam Richter-Ross, and David Sheperd present a workshop: “STAR Reading Program Curriculum and Resources for Small and Large Institutions

Tom Arthur presents a workshop: “Your Students to Pass the GED Math Test

Autographed Football Silent Auction item donated by Green Bay Packers
Rocking Harley Silent Auction item donated by McNaughton Correctional Center

Men’s Wardrobe Silent Auction item donated by McNaughton Correctional Center
Silent Auction items donated by Wisconsin Resource Center


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