CEA-W Creativity Contest 

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Are you a Writer?
An Artist?

Submit your original artwork or creative writing piece between

September 1 and December.  Winning entries will be published.

 Contact Nancy Alderton in the Oshkosh Correctional Institution Education Department for more information

Image result for pen and ink drawings
(Click here to view 2018 Soul Etchings)

 Click on the link for the Creativity Contest Rules 
and Submission Release Form

Each year, CEA-Wisconsin invites incarcerated writers and artists to submit their works for the annual edition of the CEA-Wisconsin Creativity Contest booklet. CEA-Wisconsin publishes original prose, poetry, and ink drawings from Wisconsin’s jail, prison, and juvenile facility populations. All levels of writers and artists are encouraged to offer submissions. Authors and artists whose works are selected will each receive two free copies of the booklet when it is published in May.

Encourage your learners to express themselves in drawings (black ink on 8½ by 11 white paper) and writings up to 1000 words including poems, letters, essays, and short stories. Winners are selected from all levels, so urge beginning writers to give it a try. Submissions are accepted between September 1 and December 1. Please ask entrants to read the contest rules and legibly fill out the submission form. Entries can be sent to Nancy Alderton at the Oshkosh

Correctional Institution address on the submission form.  

Members of the Creativity Contest Committee are:

Nancy Alderton, OSCI – nancy.alderton@wisconsin.gov
Margaret Done, MSDF – 
Vicky Ebben-Svitavsky, WCI – 
Jim Gordon, KMCI – 
Laurie Jarvis, FVTC – 
Rose Krutzik, FLCI – 
Tim Mahoney, WRC – 
Steve Schmick, OSCI – 
Jim Svitavsky, WCI – 

The booklets are typeset by inmates at Oshkosh Correctional Institution and printed by inmates at Columbia Correctional Institution. This publication reflects the professional commitment of CEA-Wisconsin members to promote literacy. Each person who is a CEA-Wisconsin member as of January 1 gets a free copy of the booklet.

 If you want to join the CEA-Wisconsin Creativity Contest committee, contact Nancy Alderton at nancy.alderton@wisconsin.gov. Committee members’ duties include meeting as a group to review and select the writings and artwork for publication.

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