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Membership Grant

CEA Wisconsin's Member, Professional Grant is competively awarded to active CEA Wisconsin members who are formally looking to further their professional goals and practices.  Check with your education or facility director, awarded activities may qualify for FQAS hours.


CEA Member-Professional Support

The CEA Wisconsin Board voted to establish grants for members who wish to pursue professional development.  At least two $500 member-professional grants will be awarded to CEA Wisconsin Members yearly.  Awards are up to $500 per entry, per individual.  Activities that qualify include, but are not limited to, education or correctional conferences, skill development or training, industry trade shows, or other activities related to the member’s teaching responsibilities.

Grant Qualifications and Requirements

(1) Be a Wisconsin Resident
(2) Be a Voting Member of CEA
(3) Be a CEA Member for at least one year
(4) CEA Wisconsin Board Members are prohibited from applying

Member-Professional Grant Options

  • Attendance at Correctional Education Association conferences or other professional meetings where a direct benefit to correctional education can be established
  • Presentation of a workshop at the Region III CEA Conference, International CEA Conference, the Wisconsin GED/HSED & Adult Literacy Conference, or some other professional education or correctional conference
  • Attendance at skills training, industry trade shows, or other activities that relate to the member’s teaching responsibilities
  • Research in issues or topics related to correctional education, with results to be published or presented at a correctional education or correctional-related conference or symposium





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