Friends of Correctional Education Award 

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Each year CEA-Wisconsin recognizes individuals and organizations that have been noteworthy in their support of Correctional Education.  These persons may be volunteers who contribute time and effort to an education program, community agency employees who haves presented special workshops, business persons who has donated funds or materials to make programs more effective, or advocates of correctional education in some way. If such person has contributed to your institution's education program, you may submit his/her name to the Correctional Education Association-Wisconsin for the "Friends of Wisconsin Correctional Education Award." Nominees cannot be employed by the
Department of Corrections.

Friends of Correctional Education awards winners:

1989               Margaret Gindt
                       Robert O’Malley
                       Howard Steinhilber
                       Mary Wiatrowski

               Richard Buss
                       Linda Horton
                       Kay Nelson
                       Bob Skorczewski

1991               Dr. Carlton Beck
                       Betty Wilting & Thaila Shiman
                       In-Plant Printing Association of Northeastern Wisconsin

1992               Susan Eva Liebau
                       Lawrence Mascia & Multigraphics Company
                       Carol Storck & Ken Cook Company
                       Kelly Yelmene

               Tom Jensen
                       Elwood & Linda Haberman

               Barbara Gaskell
                       Carl Scheid
                       Carolyn Jahnke

 1995               Linda Harmsen
                        Marion Frauen
                        Roseann Mason
Winifred Nathan
                        Debbie Springer 

1996               American Association of Women - Racine Chapter
                       Mike Exum
Paul Gerhardt & Krause Publications

1997               Friends of Ozaukee County Jail Literacy Project
                       Dr. Margaret Genisio
                       Johnson Wax Company

1998               Anne Luber
                       Margaret Severson

1999               Robert Johnson
                       Al Pitts

2000               Don Koppler
                       Georgia Rattan & Dr. Ken Addison                           

2001               Clare Cross
                       Lynn Groom & Deb Mason

2002               Miller Compressing Company
Tim Scott
Kathryn Severance
Wisconsin Brick and Block Corporation

2003               Vern Lever & Dr. Ronald Rochon
                       Francelia Wonders & Michigan Braille Transcription Service

2004               Donna Decker & UW-Stevens Point Students
                       Mary Ann Hacke
Jackie Luther & Madison Children's Museum 
                       Lincoln Hills School Victim Impact Program Volunteers

2005                Sister Johnella Bohmann
                      Dawn Borchardt
Community Connections
                       Margaret Green
                       Dr. Jonathan Shailor

2006               Stephanie Chirbas
                       Tom Crean
                       James Guenther
                       Holly Johnson
Luane Meyer
                       Dr. Jonathan Shailor
                       State Professional Education Information Council #1

2007               William Cook
                     Jan Exner
                       Sallie Kernan, Ronda Stokes & Eau Claire Educational
pportunity Center
                       Felipe Rodriquez
Sharon Shouldice
2008               Sister Lois Acet
                     Jim Hazeman & Julie Gibes
                       Morris Reece                   
                       Jeff Schmidt
                       Anne Staton                   
Dave Winter

2009               Sue Gaeded, Grady Gutknecht, Mary Ann Jensen & Mary Ripp
                       Elizabeth Harlow & Oregon Cablevision                  
                     Marion Held                      
                    Kelly Webb & Assist Survivors Treatment Outreach        

2010               Frances Bedore
                       Karolee Behringer                   
  Ann Beverly

2011               Thomas Franke               
                     Jane Schaaf 

2012               Richard King                   
     Anne Strauch & Goodwill Circles of Support

2013               James Batasky                 
                       Rita Muwonago & UW-Milwaukee Educational Opportunity

2018               Michael Wahl


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