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Teacher of the Year


The Correctional Education Association of Wisconsin (CEA-W), in cooperation with the International Correctional Education Association, has established the Teacher of the Year award to recognize outstanding educational contributions by a teacher in a correctional facility.  Applications for the Teacher of the Year are due January 1 of each calendar year.


2019 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year

Laurie Jarvis has been the only Adult Basic Education teacher at the Waushara County Jail for almost 20 years.  County jail instruction presents unique challenges as the population revolves quickly.  No two students are alike. Every student is working on their own educational goal.  Some students may be preparing for GED testing, others may be preparing to re-enter the workforce, and some may be working to improve skills for college enrollment.

This year, Laurie decided to tackle writing.  Laurie got the idea to use photos she had from a recent trip to South Africa and layer those photos into composition notebooks that she purchased for the students to promote free writing.  At the beginning of a class period, Laurie modeled how to use the picture to free write, then used that very writing to transform the classroom.  Laurie believes that free writing activities can be beneficial to students in a variety of correctional settings.  According to the Writing Cooperative, “Even bad writing is educational.  It teaches you the art of patience and the act of thinking clearly and deeply. Free writing, then, is to the mind as yoga is to the body.” 



Free Writing Activity Photos


2020 Teacher of the Year


To be eligibility for the Teacher of the Year Award the applicant must meet the following criteria...

  • 51% of his/her work time is classroom instruction
  • Taught in correctional facilities a minimum of two years
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and be active in promoting improvements in correctional education
  • Demonstrated devotion to the teaching profession as evidenced by a willingness to work beyond his/her job description
  • Must be a member of the CEA for a year prior to nomination
  • Prior award winners and nominees are eligible for re-nomination

Teacher of the Year Nominees will be rated based on their ability to demonstrate...

  • Teaching excellence
  • Classroom and program innovation
  • Professional development activities
  • Ability to serve as a representative for correctional education in the state of Wisconsin


The CEA Wisconsin Teacher of the Year will receive a plaque attesting to the nationally, recognized professional achievement. The winner will receive a $250 stipend, plus furnished expenses to complete against other state winners at the Region III CEA Conference.

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